About MN Knife

about-minnesotaknifeMinnesota Knife has been a family owned business in southern minnesota for over 30 years. Originally based out of sleepy eye, this company has serviced industries such as the printing, plastic blow molding and plastic recycling industries. All grinding is not created equal, cheap is not always the best value. We focus our attention on high quality grinding to get your knives performing at top efficiency for the most cuts between knife changes, your machines are not making money when your operators are changing out knives. our focus is to keep those knives running longer between changes, in some cases that may mean bringing them back to factory specifications. If necessary we obtain factory grinding prints to bring them into spec. If you are not happy with the performance of your knives, give us a call we have a 32 year history in the printing industry and can help you with cutting problems of all kinds all the way from label stock to board and plastics. We can also supply you with new replacement knives for your machines, including cutting sticks jogger blocks and related supplies.

Did you know that you can dull your knife 50% faster by stating a fresh knife on hard stocks, it’s true always condition your knife on a soft stock the softer the better tissue is best if you have it. 50 to 100 sliver cuts on soft stock can improve the number of cuts by as much as 50%. always remember your dealing with a razor sharp edge, by jamming a razor sharp edge through a hard stock you dull that edge by as much as 50% on the first cut.

With Minnesota Knife, there’s never a dull moment!